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Evacuation of LEO's Families

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Posted over 8 years ago


I am not sure how to really approach this subject but here it goes, with the approaching of Hurricane Dolly, some of our brothers and sisters have family with no where to go or reach out for assistance to send the family in-land while the LEO or even communications personnel ahve to stay behind as is our duty, I was wondering if there was any way we can start a network or system to help our brothers and sisters in their thime of crisis. I know allot of the towns and cities along the gulf coast are not able to set up the families but there has to be something we can do so that the officer out on the street knows their family is safe and secure.


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I would help anyone without question, but with me being in Galveston, and lord knows a hurricane would NEVER just skirt the coast and come see us as well, I am not sure anyone would want to come this

Hell I may need a place to go to also.... =)

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we all had to stay i dunno, alot went upstate with family, i had to stay sorry.