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Domestic Violence Summary

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I know every state has its share of domestic related calls > this is the following executive summary for Tennessee in 2006 (which you know that number has risen now in 2007) from the Tennessee Ecomonic Council on Women. It states that Tennessee has gone from 7th in the Nation to 5th in the number of women who are murdered each year. 1 in 3 families have had some type of domestic occurrence. Companies in Tennessee lose at least 10 million per year in paid work time due to injuries from a domestic violence related incident and costing over 33 million dollars in healthcare cost. The numbers are so horrific > I can only hope and continue to support the foundations to stop domestic violence *sigh* in the meantime. TN spends almost 15 million per year in prison cost for the domestic violence murderers

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This is one reason I talk to folks in abusive situations about making a safety plan and getting OUT. I do not recommend confronting the abuser by oneself, but finding helpers, a place to stay, getting out with what you need to go it alone.

And if you need to call the cops because the situation is that explosive, by all means call them but then CARRY THROUGH with the legal process. If you don't carry through, he decides your words are empty and he can do what he wants.

I don't know what the numbers are now, but I have read that the majority of murdered women were murdered by someone they know, someone who was SUPPOSED to be safe-- "friend" or family.


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You can find some helpful statistical data on the FBI website:

*Officers you can also find some good data to pass out in your briefings (specifically pertaining to officers assualted/killed in the LIne of Duty)

Be Safe...


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Another good organization to contact for information on domestic abuse is the World Health Organization. They have sent me several manuals. The most recent manual sent was "Researching Violence Against Women." It covers violence as a health and development issue with chapters on qualitative approaches to reseach, measuring violence in quantitative research the field, and from research to action. The statistics are mostly global but the information about abuse itself is excellent. A lot of easy to understand flow charts are used. One example is a sample decision tree: Making the decision to seek help. The introduction states the manual "describes a range of innovative techniques that have been used to address these challenges." If anyone's interested their website is They've never charged me for the manuals.

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