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I'm new to this field..any pointers??

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Posted over 8 years ago


I am new to the police field. It has been something I have wanted all my is my calling..I want to be more on the forensic side but you have to start somewhere..any pointers on how I should go about acheiving my goal to help and protect our fellow citizans?? This was my calling and I am in it till the end...


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Not sure why you chose this area of the boards to post, but okay


Please go to the Forums section and the first area is Introductions, please post an introduction letting others know who you are and your intent. Also, please feel free to enter topics in the search area, many of your questions may have already been answered and there are many threads already created that may give you guidance on how to "achieve [your] goal to help and protect"!

Welcome to PoliceLink!

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