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Badges/Patches/Uniforms/Police Memorabilia

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Posted over 8 years ago


Badges/Patches/Uniforms/Police Memorabilia


Interests: Badges/Patches/Uniforms/Police memorabilia *Extra Info:* I am looking for any current issued State police badges: 1.) Idaho State Police - Ed Jones or Sun Badge 2.) California Highway Patrol - Sun

Badge (GF maker mark). 3.) Iowa State Police - Entenmann-Rovin 4.) Washington SP - Nielson, Mfg or (Metal Arts Group) 5.) Montana Highway Patrol - Sun Badge/Ed Jones Also looking for a current/past issued Pierce County Sheriff, commemorative badges or any other issued sheriff badges from Washington, Nevada or Arizona and Montana. I am also looking for any current/past issued uniforms to add to my collection from the Washington State Patrol, Nevada and current DPS, Montana HP, Oregon State Police, Idaho SP as well as any sheriff uniforms from Washington state such as; Snohomish County, King County and Skagit County. Prices are negotiable.




(Any badge I am looking for is *strictly* for collecting purposes only  no *exceptions*)
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