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Family vs Service

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I have in the past year gone through a long and ugly divorce. I know both me and my ex are to blame for our failed marriage. I believe a lot of why she decided to leave was based on my career aspirations after the military. In 4 years I will retire and pursue my career in law enforcement full time. For the past decade, I have been a volunteer police officer. I recently completed my degree in Criminal Justice to support my post military career.

The reason I bring this up? I want to hear from those of you that are divorced and/or still married. I want to hear from those who feel the calling versus those that are drawing a paycheck. (No offense, but it is different.) Has the calling affected your family life? What did you change to keep the balance? Also, I believe my ex is just someone who can not handle the stress of being married to a cop. Anyone agree with that?


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I am a cop working volunteer in a small department. Hours are not too demanding (only 20 a month). I also work full time as a third shift security supervisor. Those hours are very demanding. My husband complains non-stop about me working at the PD. He never says anything about the long hours I put in at my full-time job. Ideally I want to pursue law enforcement full-time. He knows this since we met working for a PD. He no longer works as an LEO but I would think he would be able to understand. Me being a LEO is really putting a strain on our relationship. But I am not willing to give being an LEO up.