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Posted over 9 years ago


Where are the headlines about a profession that has this many deaths with 3 months to go in 2007? There is a 'cop killing' epidemic right now if no one sees it! 9 Officers in florida in 5 months! Am I wrong? PLEASE TELL ME YOUR OPINION!

Total Line of Duty Deaths: 126
Accidental: 1
Aircraft accident: 2
Animal related: 1
Automobile accident: 34
Boating accident: 1
Bomb: 2
Drowned: 3
Exposure to toxins: 1
Gunfire: 52
Gunfire (Accidental): 3
Heart attack: 4
Heat exhaustion: 1
Motorcycle accident: 4
Struck by vehicle: 4
Vehicle pursuit: 6
Vehicular assault: 5
Weather/Natural disaster: 2

By Month:
January: 10
February: 13
March: 16
April: 19
May: 22
June: 15
July: 12
August: 15
September: 4

By State:
Alabama: 3
Arizona: 3
Arkansas: 1
California: 5
Colorado: 1
District of Columbia: 1
Florida: 9
Georgia: 4
Hawaii: 2
Idaho: 1
Illinois: 1
Indiana: 4
Iowa: 1
Kansas: 1
Kentucky: 2
Louisiana: 8
Maryland: 3
Massachusetts: 1
Michigan: 1
Mississippi: 1
Missouri: 3
New Hampshire: 1
New Jersey: 3
New Mexico: 2
New York: 6
North Carolina: 8
Ohio: 5
Oregon: 1
Pennsylvania: 1
Puerto Rico: 2
South Carolina: 5
Tennessee: 1
Texas: 16
Tribal Police: 1
U.S. Government: 11
Utah: 1
Virgin Islands: 1
Virginia: 1
Washington: 1
West Virginia: 1
Wisconsin: 1
Wyoming: 1

Average tour: 10 years, 7 months

Average age: 38

By Gender:
Female: 2
Male: 124


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Looks like this year is as bad as the 1980's


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Could be several factors to include exponential abuse of meth. Also, the dirt bag(s) know they are going to be killed by another police officer or go to prison. In either case, their "rep" is enhanced. Cop killers receive mucho "props" once they check-in at the gray bar hotel.


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Yeah, it's been bad in Florida. Can't tell you why.


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I can only speak for what I have seen in NY. I think it's because Judges go too light on these scum and then they think they can do anything. We even had a Trooper killed last year because ""there is no death penalty for killing a cop!" The Trooper's Father has tried to bring back the Death Penalty and our State Law Makers still refuse to do so.


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It's easy to explain, The laws get lighter and the criminals get bolder. I remember when if you killed a police officer you were heading to the electric chair, now days you are lucky if they get 10 years. It amazes me that criminals have more rights then the regular citizen that does nothing wrong, or the police officer that is just trying to his/her job.