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TIME is short.....

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Posted almost 9 years ago


Maybe it's just me.....but as I get older and have more time in Law Enforcement, it seems that the number of hours I have to spend with family and friends is MUCH SHORTER, We have several positions open, which mandates alot of overtime, as well as training and professional organization activities that consume time. Our department does not have any family oriented programs, and I'm not aware of anything locally that envolves LEO's and family type activities to help officers spent time with their families and the families of other LEO's. Has anyone out there experienced similar circumstances and / or what programs are available "to start up". I'm a member of FOP and BPA, but their activities are geared to once a month lunches or fundraisers. I guess I'm looking information and insite on such programs as PAL or Wives Auxillary or Big Brothers and hearing about it through other LEO's vs some website sales pitch. Your input is appreciated.

It is what it is.............and.........these things too shall pass.