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question about: :"Man found in childs bedroom"

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Posted over 9 years ago


I wrote and posted this a few days ago about the news article:"Man found in childs bedroom".
I was new to site and must have posted in the wrong place and didn't get no comments on it. Anyway please give me your thoughts and advise

What is this world coming to with sick a_ _'d ^&((*^)^()'s like this and so many you hear about and see out there every day? It has gotten to the
point we are scared to leave our family alone at our homes

The law states we have the right to use excessive and even deadly force if you are in fear of you or your families life or either being raped. But what
happens these days when people use these rights when needed I must add?

You know as well as i do unless you are very lucky you will sit in jail for God only knows how long, until you are proven innocent. Your whole life is
turned upside down because you protected your family from harm and did it to the letter of the law.

Please don't get me wrong I do not blame the law enforcers here, they are just doing their job. Hell my entire family is in law enforcement.

The UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION "states" we are innocent until proven guilty, but the law somehow "says" we are guilty until proven innocent.
If I had caught this SOB stated here in this article in my children's room, having just possibly chloroformed my children, was fixing to rape or even
worse and hiding in their closet ready to spring at me. The moment he moved a muscle he would have been blown away. Would I have gone to jail
because of this until I was proven innocent? Probably so, I mean at least until a full investigation was completed right?

The problem is also that the crooks these days know this. What would have happened 30 years ago if this had happened? Knowing my parents and
grand parents they would have beat this man to death and probably hung his ass. And unless they were just hated by the law they would never have
gone to jail for it. I could go on and on but as you can read i'm not that much of a writer. But I think you can get my point.


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That is unbelieveable. What luck to have found him right in the room. I wonder if they wll be able to go all the way through with the child molestation charges.


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At this point you have breaking and entering in the nightime[felony], attempted indicent assault on a minor[felony]... As an Officer, we have to deal with what we have or, if we start pumbling this maggot, he will win in our liberal court systems, sad but true, he will get his in the end on judgement day, you can bank on that!