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Mash inside the prison

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Posted almost 9 years ago



A couple of days ago I located six (6) containers of mash (homemade alcohol) inside of an inamtes locker. As we all know if this would have been consumed by the inmate population, we probably would of had a serious situation. It does not take that much to make an inmate angry because they are already incarcerated. Keep in eye out for homemade alcohol and be aware of the danger it can cause.

All it takes to make homemade alcohol os some fruit, sugar, water and heat. Keep an eye on your food stock and assure all staff are conducting proper and random searches.


God Bless and Stay Safe,

Wesley Diggs


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Do you know you are on a police website? is this really news to you? I know you feel like you saved the world by finding some shine, but come on kid, this is getting weak.

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here in tn they call it julep and when i worked in florida it was called buck.found tons of it.