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Mandatory I.C.E. Notification

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Posted over 9 years ago


VICTORVILLE — A 3-year-old girl was found abused and bleeding Thursday
night, and officials have arrested her uncle, an illegal alien, for child

Salvador Luna, 29, who was previously deported, was arrested on suspicion
of sexual abuse of a child and was taken to the Victorville sheriff’s
station where he underwent a physical examination, said Detective Ryan

The victim was originally admitted to Victor Valley Community Hospital
around 7 p.m. after her mother found the girl bleeding inside their home on
Rockrose Street, said Detective Sgt. Bob Hughes.

“Her injuries were significant enough that she had to be admitted,”
Hughes said.

Around 6:30 p.m. the mother, father, the 3-year-old and her siblings were
watching television in the parent’s room, a few doors down from where Luna
was staying, Hughes said.

The girl went to Luna’s room for a piece of candy, and when she returned,
a sibling took the candy from her, authorities explained. The girl again
went into Luna’s room, hoping to replace the stolen sweets.

“She is in the uncle’s room for a while this time, long enough for mom to
wonder where she was,” Hughes said. “When mom found the child she could see
that she was visibly upset. Mom picks her up and when she put her down, now
there’s blood all over mom’s shirt.”

The woman took the child to a neighboring home where the resident was a
nurse to have the girl checked out. The nurse immediately dialed 911 and
advised the family to stay away from the home until authorities arrived,
said Karen Hunt, spokeswoman for the Victorville station.

Officials arrived at the home and had Luna in custody in under five
minutes, Hughes said.
Luna had apparently changed clothes by the time officials arrived, so the
home was closed off and searched for physical evidence, Hughes said.

In 2000, Luna was arrested in Ventura County on suspicion of annoying or
molesting a child and sexual assault, said Detective John Wickum. It is
unknown whether Luna was convicted, but the family said he was deported
shortly after, officials confirmed.

“His criminal history drops off in 2001,and he re-surfaces again in 2006
with a DUI arrest in Victorville,” Wickum said.

Additional information came in that there could be as many as four other
family members who have been past victims, but that remained under
investigation on Friday, officials said.
Results of medical examinations on both the victim and Luna are still
outstanding, but authorities believe they might shed additional light on
the case.

“This is like the smoking gun of molestation cases. There are so many
reports and investigations where it can take months to get to the bottom of
things. It’s rare to catch something in progress and be able to respond and
arrest the suspect immediately,” Wickum said.

Anyone who may have information about Luna is asked to contact the
Detective Bureau at the Victorville station at 241-2911.

Luna is being held at the Victor Valley Jail on $250,000 bail, officials


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We should push for mandatory notification by all law enforcement agencies when they areest an illegal alien. Congress should pass a bill to protect its citizens from criminal illegal aliens such as this guy. They have now on a DUI arrest..he needs to be put in federal jail for reentering this country, and for child molestation....Get theses people out of our country!!! We demand that congress pass A LAW!!!!!!!! PROTECT YOUR CITIZENS.!!! AND NOW!!


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This fvcking savage should be castrated.


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NYPDLieutenant said:

This fvcking savage should be castrated.




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That is beyond disigusting and so-so-so sad for the little girl ~~~~