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How to use "Ask A Dispatcher" forum

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The "Ask a Dispatcher" forum is reserved for questions regarding PSAP and dispatch center procedures, policies, practices, and management. Posters are asked not to use the forum for general discussion, or commentary as a norm. Not to say that these types of posts are not welcome, but we would like to make this forum a working resource instead of a social arena. And this is why:

If the Ask a Dispatcher forum is used a as a general category, it will rapidly become is impossible to find, and answer the kind questions the forum was intended to service. As a guideline, the following categories are representative of appropriate questions to post under the Ask a Dispatcher forum:

-General policies and procedures

-Definitions of terms and concepts

-Standards and best practices

-Legislative and regulatory issues

-Center operations and management practices

-Staffing models

-Recruiting and training concepts, practices, and procedures

-Facility planning, security, and back up (excluding specific product questions)

-Tactical dispatch procedures and operations

-CISM, and related stress management policies, practices, and issues

-NIMS, UCC, and other command and control models

-Radio system protocols, policy, and procedures

-Supervisory practices

-Requests for resources (documents, report, studies, tapes, training
aids, etc.)

-Professional standards, and ethics

-Interoperability practices, and issues

-Impact, integration, and issues related to new technologies

-Budgeting, funding, and grants

-GIS and other database management issues (excluding questions about specific systems, and software)

How the Ask a Dispatcher topic will be handled:

Once a question is asked, the first answer must change the topic to match the question. For example, let's consider the question, "Does the NIMS require using plain English?" The first reply would be posted using a topic such as NIMS Plain English Requirements. That way the discussion of a particular question can continue without cluttering the Ask a Dispatcher topic with long threads. In other words, the Ask a Dispatcher topic will only have questions. Further, to keep the topic manageable for those answering questions, questions will be periodically purged.

With you cooperation, and adherence to these guidelines, the members of PoliceLink will get the maximum benefit from the Ask a Dispatcher forum.