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Looking for advice for Son turning 18... (Please BUMP to keep information coming.)

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TommyO says ...

I think I have always told my kids, the day they turn 18 is the day the responsibility for their decisions shifts directly to them, the day of accountability, so to speak. They no longer 'need' a parent or guardian to sign anything for them. Now, their signature is as an adult and they have to realize they will be held accountable for what they sign and promise. The next four years of his life will be significant in how the rest of his life goes. With education and military he is headed in the right direction, as long as he continues that path. Any diversion, such as an arrest for underage drinking or drugs, will hamper his ability to become a law enforcement officer when he reaches the age of 21. I have a high school senior who graduates in just over a month. Wrestling with the same issues. Good luck with your son, and Kudos to him for his life decisions thus far.


I have no doubt, that if your son posesses half of his fathers fortitude, he'll be a ok! Its a matter of leadership, not just on the job, but in all you do in life.      Lead by example, lead from the front, and all will follow close behind.

Stand on the side, let others lead you, and the path they choose may not be your own.

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I am only 22 so i dont have some super words of wisdom but heres my 2 cent one the Military is awsome it turned me into a man, second college is great but dont pay for it for him he will try harder if he knows his money and since hes guard there plenty of benefits that are out there not including the GI Bill. That untill he moves out its still your rules. Chosse your friends wisely high school friends dont always make good friends after high school. Keep your noise clean espically being in the military dont underage drink he will be tempted while hes in AIT but just stay away i have seen 2 many young airman totally wreck there career's from drinking. And lastly remind him to pray often and he need to still go to church to many kids my age leave church till there married. Church along with parents will always be there no matter where he goes church will be there and having that strong foundation will help so much, encourage him to take up a position in the church, i know as a youth minister intern it is one of the greatest things i have ever done and it will affect his life deeply by being involved in church and it also we create a great foundation. Good Luck but sounds like you have a great kid that is on the right track. God Bless


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For the first time in a long time, EVERYBODY has good advice.  Joining the National Guard was the best move to learn Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honesty, Integrity and Personal Courage (LDRSHIP).  Any kid can be "good" but greatness comes from growing outside the shadows of Mom and Dad.

Any military service would have been great, but Guardmembers get alot more Katrina-type humanitarian missions.  I teach high school (see: and know that it's tough nowadays to grow up and achieve a sense of adulthood; the senior trip to the amusement park doesn't make the cut.

Plus he is earning a bucket of cash for school AND his training is earning him college credit(s) FREE (  Learn more about benefits at )


Good luck to all,


K.C. Scherer

SFC, US Army, (RET)



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Keep him away from my 18 yo daughter? I have rather good aim :)

Seriously, mine just finished her freshman year of college. Keep a close eye on him. Nothing bad major for mine this year, but a few "how stupid was that" moments. And yea, as long as we pay her bills, she listens to our rules. Living at school or not. But mine is a great kid too, no one warned me to watch her for stupid lapses- few bounced checks, stolen debit card. Well, at least it wasn't booze drugs or pregnant.