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Wyatt Earp?

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Posted almost 10 years ago


In 67 was a SF Team Leader at SAC Missile sites in Wyoming/Colorado. (BORING). Had newbie partner with me. About 1/4 mile from a nuke site on patrol, I noticed a small bird on the fence.

To newbie: "You see that bird? Watch this." Took out a single round (we counted rounds, so you had to save them from the range) went through the whole schtick of windage, elevation, etc., laid the M-16 on top of the hood of the Dodge and squeezed it off.

Son of a gun, vaporized that bird. (Lucky shot).

To this day I have to laugh at the stupid stunt.

What are the chances?


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In '75 I was a Com-Plotter for nuke security in AZ. Like you we saw a lot of goofy things that Sky Cops did to pass the time in the missile field. When I had occasion to get out on the roads I loved to hunt rattle snakes. One night I found a 7-foot Mojave rattler crawling across the road. I chased it down and held it down with the butt of my M-16 and cut its head off with my Gerber MK-1. I curled the carcas up in a bag and stuck it in the freezer at home (to skin later) and went to bed. Several hours later my young bride went to the kitchen to pull out something for dinner. Thinking that the brown paper bag was an arm-roast or something she tossed it in the sink to thaw and went to watch TV for a while.

A few hours later I was awakened by screams coming from the kitchen when my wife returned to find that the completely thawed and warmed carcas was writhing, headless in the sink having somehow gotten out of the bag! Sounds far fetched but I swear it's the truth!


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So, here we are at the range with a whole batch of new police academy cadets. They are learning the finer arts of gun handling, sight picture, trigger pull, ad nauseum. The lead instructor addresses sear reset. He shows them how to slowly pull the trigger until you bark off a round and then ease the trigger forward until the sear resets. Then you are are ready for fire again. Slow, intentional introductory instruction to get our young LEO's of the future off to a good start.

Now, to demonstrate the effectiveness of much practice using sear reset, the lead instructor tells these plebes that he is going to quickly empty a magazine downrange using the mastery of sear reset. He discreetly pulls a Glock 18 from his bag, loads in a mag, points downrange and in a rat-a-tat 1.5 seconds, completely empties the mag. The cadets are stunned. We other rangemasters stand proud and say, "Yup, that's how it's done."

Little do our new cadets know that the Glock 18 is a fully automatic pistol with the selector switch out of view if you shoot right handed. This true automatic pistol is a blast to shoot!

Check out the Facebook page. It was established in 2008.


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I love G18's, wish i could get ahold of one. Ive only been able to fire a few of them.

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