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I need some direction ...

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Posted almost 10 years ago


I am currently a Sergeant in the military. I don't get out for about 3 more years but I really want to be a police officer. I don' know what to do. I don't know  the first step. And I now you have to pay to go to the academy but does anyone know if the military will pay it? And how log does it take to get a job when you get out of the academy? These might seem like dumb questions but I really don't know. I would really like to have a job as soon as I get out of the Army, but I will be going to Iraq again next year and won't be back until about 8 months before I get out.\

Is that enough time to go to the academy and get hired somewhere?? Please help me,.. anything you can tell me about this process will be helpful.

Thank you


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Take the written exam for the department you are interested in (call and find out when they are giving the next exam). Once you pass the written exam you will usually have to pass a physical test and a medical examination. After this is completed you will go through the police academy of that specific department (you don't have to pay to go through the academy, THEY PAY YOU!). This entire process takes some time and does not happen over night, so you need to have some patience. Take the written tests for as many departments as you can, this way you can pick & choose which is best for you. Also, most departments give extra points on the written exam to armed forces veterans such as yourself. Good luck, stay safe over there and thank you for your military service.


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Start checking around at least a year from when you are going to be getting out. The LT is right; it is a very long process! And there are enough departments around that will pay you to go through their academy instead of you paying your own way. In fact, our academy is VA certified, so you can collect on the GI Bill while you are attending (AND get paid by us)...pretty good deal! Hopefully the timing and location would be right where you could test prior to getting out and you could have something lined up. I don't agree with testing at as many departments as you can. Maybe it's easier to do that in NY, but here, that would be very time consuming for you and the departments you are testing with. When they get a background packet from someone that has a whole bunch of applications out everywhere, that doesn't always look real good. But you are definitely smart by starting early. This gives you a chance to do your research, and I would try to narrow it down to around three departments. The first thing I would do is decide what vicinity you want to live in, and then get on the police department's recruiting websites in that area. They usually have a lot of information about salary, benefits, etc. Make a list of questions and email or call the Recruiter. If you are able to, make an appointment with the Recruiter to get a tour and ask your questions in person. Sometimes you can get a lot better feel for a department when you meet the officer face to face. But if some departments say they don't have time to do that; don't hold that against them. Some may not have a full-time Recruiter. Have you already visited your ACAP office? I'm assuming from your profile you are at Fort Hood? They usually have pamphlets and posters for different police departments. Or visit their website, because many departments post their information there. If you are on base June 13, they are having their big ACAP job fair. Tons of police departments attend (ours will definitely be there!), so go visit the different booths and ask questions so you can get a feel of how different departments operate. Good luck to you, be careful over there and thanks!!!


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I bumped this old topic because it is 5 years old. It was the very last one in the list of Recent Posts. So it must have been one of the first posts on PL. If you read the original posters comments, it sounds like something should have happened two years ago.

Maybe we'll never know. It was the person's one and only post.

Wonder if this person made it back from Iraq.

Makes you say, hmmmmm.....

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