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Kubatan/Kubotan and the Law

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It's been awhile since I've posted on here. I have a question in regards to the legal status of a tool known as the Kubaton/Kubotan. I'll be teaching a Self-Defense seminar in Northern California and am thinking about teaching some techniques with the Kubaton. For those in attendance, I'm thinking of giving them their own Kubaton at the end of the seminar. I have the book at home regarding the Kubaton but there is a little gray with it's legal status. On the internet I've found the following:

Kubaton for self-defense / law enforcement, designed by a lead Defensive Tactics/Survival Skills Instructor. Kubaton is under 5-1/2" long, 3/4" diameter and is made from an unbreakable space age polymer. Kubaton is machined from a solid bar and is not cast or molded so there is no seem. It has raised grooves to facilitate grip even when wet, and to establish pain compliance. This style can be used to apply pressure points, immobilize an an attacker, or restrain a person by bone lock. Kubaton has a keyring that you can put your keys on so that you always have it at the ready, and makes this legal to carry as it is considered a "keychain".

The book also says the same thing about if it's used as a key chain or a utility item then it's NOT considered a weapon.

I would appreciate any info on this topic. Especially from those working LE in CA.

Again, I am sure Use of Force and "intent" plays a part in this answer, but I'm just wondering if one of my students would get into trouble just for having one as a key chain.



Michael Munyon