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Knee problems and the academy?

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Posted almost 9 years ago


Ok, I was wondering if I could get a little advice from some of the guys who might have been in my situation. I am a former US Army CI special agent and I am getting ready to finish my degree in May and move back in to the real world. I applied to several departments but I have one problem. I have a bum knee. I originally hurt my knee in the Army but was given a 0% disability rating on it seeing as no surgery was ever performed. I was told that it is a non-operatable problem) . I was diagnosed with chronic tendinitis and run with a brace. I have been running on the treadmill for the last few months without pain, but just recently I have been experiencing the shocking pain that I had before (inside of leg, next to knee cap) and am getting pretty worried that I will have problems at the academy.
OK, question. Has anyone had a similar problem and what did you do to fix it? I just ordered the dual action Cho-Pat knee stabilizer and have been using a standard knee brace for the last 7-8 months. I had my feet and running style analyzed to find the best shoes and began taking Glucosamine and Condroitin to help joint health.
Any advice,


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Dan, you are going to have no problem that i can for see with the academy. You made it through the military and should be just fine. Really its going to depend on where you seek employment. I can imagine that there are so many different POST standards and each state basically has its own. Some of the major cities that have their own academy's also have their own. Go to where ever you are going to be going to the academy and get a copy of their physical standards. You can do the tests at home on your own time before you go and see how you do according to their standards. Best of Luck! oh....and if your knees hurt i would say stop running on that treadmill. For walking indoors they are great, but running on one is horrible for the knees. I know it kills mine. If you have to be inside on the treadmill, try speed walking or a stationary bike.



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I have been using an Elliptical because of my ankle has been giving me fits on the treadmill. It lowers the impact and my ankle dose not hurt like it use to; also I have been able to increase my time on running... Just a thought, Good Luck Dan

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