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what can you do if you catch someone

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TPing your house, but the cops dont get there in time, i want to go outside and detain them until the cops arrive, but i dont know if thats legal and i really dont want to ruin my chances of getting into LE. any suggestions, we know where one of the vehicles is registered to reside, but the police havent done a follow up. the kids also throw eggs at the house, and open fire with a bb gun at the house, so the bb gun, can i do anything about that because i feel unsafe? or am i at a loss with this. its fine if the kids only did it once, but they keep doing it all of the time, and not only to me, but to many other houses in the area. please help, i want to egg their house, but i would rather take them to court and sue the parents for damages to my car, to repaint the house, and numerous other damages from the punks.


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videotape evidence.. civil court... criminal if you can prove it to the police and provide evidence...

you already worked through the answers...

If you go out and one on one with some kid its only going to go downhill quickly and youll be the one getting arrested...

sucks being a victim... it will make you a more compassionate policeman

Ok.. nuts and bolts

You have similar rights to a policeman when it comes to arrest powers with a citizens arrest (California)
You take all the civil liability (this is a biggee.. sure you want that liability?).. you make the "arrest".. the officer accepts it from you

You can arrest for crimes committed in your presence.. BUT in the case of a felony that felony MUST have occurred

To effect an arrest
You can ONLY use that force which is legal, necessary and fully justified by the circumstances.. ie you cant use deadly force to arrest a vandal of your home.. you in MOST instances could not shoot someone with a BB gun..

Friendly advice.. be the best witness possible.. gather the best evidence possible.. use your police.. even if you become a PITA calling them.. thats what they are there for.. and lastly .. get a restraining order on the lil knucklehead.. thereby documenting his actions.. and making his parent come to court with him to answer it. See your court clerk for TROs and how to file them...

Forget arresting him yourself..again it would only go badly


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Listen to Notmeofficer. Very little good can come from you taking any kind of physical action. Also, if you feel that your agency isn't following up as they shoud, feel free to contact a supervisor and seek an explanation.