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'A Marine's Song'

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Posted almost 9 years ago


Ok. Since I'm having a difficult time uploading this video, I'm just going to link it.

This video was created by a Marine named A.J. as a tribute to his fellow Marines and posted on My Space in April of 2007. The song is "Awake" by Josh Groban. I stumbled upon it while looking for Josh Groban songs on the internet.

This video means a lot to me as I lost 1 dad to service and my step dad proudly served for 36 years, surviving 3 tours in Vietnam. I am grateful for the service both of them provided for this country and for me and I continue to be grateful to all of those who continue to choose to serve today.

I post this video as a dedication and a thank you to all the Marines and all military personnel here on PoliceLink.


Josh Groban 'Awake', A Marine's Song

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