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Morale and Management

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I know that at my station many of us ground-beating, knuckle-dragging grunts have made suggestion after suggestion to improve morale and work efficiency. We've suggested cutting down on unused overlapping manpower hours. We've suggested a few short term ops that would take down some major players in our area. We've probably suggested everything under the sun. Management has ignored us. They don't do it to hurt us, but rather out of fear of public view and criticism.

Management is currently more worried about whether or not diesel fuel is spilled than a Lt. with the human trafficking cartels in our AoR. Agents are currently leaving my station in droves hoping for a better work situation at another station or agency. Our attrition rate has double every year for the past 3 years. The trainee and transfered agent influx doesn't even cover the attrition rate.

When this is such an obvious problem, it makes me wonder why it continues to be treated like a bottom rung problem. That said, I just put my resume out and have found myself considered for a few new stations. I'd love to stay at my current station, but I feel that I can't work under such stifling conditions. As a young man and still fairly new agent (5 years in) I'm in need of some advice from my more experienced compatriots.

What can be done? I know many other LEO's have experienced this, how did you handle this?

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My department suffers same problem higher attrition rate through, recent agency study gave us one of if not the highest turnover rate by state. I have seen highly trained, experienced and dedicated officers leave because they cant stand the environment. As you said you offer suggestions, try to improve duties find programs to pay for incentives but management gives you the deer in the headlights look. Complaints under and down my food chain havent helped at all and no one seems to care.

All we do is update the resume, network and move to another position.