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Sig P220 CARRY

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Does anyone here have the Sig P220 Carry (3.9" barrel as opposed to the Duty which has a 4.4" barrel)? I'm having the hardest time finding a holster that fits it!! I've ordered two of them, and each one seems to be designed for the Duty and not the Carry, so when I try to put the pistol in the slide locks back. Also, mind you, I've gone places and ordered them and this is what they've given me...not something that I ordered myself and, like an idiot, didn't pay attention to the barrel size. If you have this pistol, and have a holster that fits it, can you tell me what company designed your holster and the cost? Thanks.


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Check out Tex Shoemaker & Son. The Level 1 black basketweave for your shorty 220 would be model HA 50 P228. The Sig P228 has the same barrel length as your Sig 220 Carry, which incidentally comes in 13 models at last count. If you run into a wall, pm me. I have one in my hand....the holster I mean !

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