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Having each others back!!

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Posted over 9 years ago


What has happened to the old saying "Having your Back?" I have seen over the past 17 years of my career how things have changed. Yes laws have changed, use of force has changed and departmental G.O.'s have had to change with the times.

But what I have also seen over the past 17 years in law enforcement is how other officers (not all) but quite a few will step on other officers to get ahead. Such as taking credit for other peoples work, looking for things on other officers no matter how petty it might be so that they can go running to the media or ranking officals to say look what I found! I am not saying that if another Officer commits a crime or does something wrong to look the other way, but what happened to having each others back.

If you are having a problem at home such as finances, maybe having to work a second job to make ends meet, or having a new child, All day court and so on. Officers use to look out for each other, maybe you would work an extra shift not taking the pay, or letting that officer take a break and you cover for him/her for a bit. You don't see much of that anymore.

You see alot of things being done behind closed doors or behind other officer's backs. We are suppose to be a brotherhood, the thin blue line, we are suppose to be there for each other. We have enough working against us these days why are we working against each other?


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I've seen it jdp......bad blood between departments, Officers that should be stripped of the right to wear a badge they take for granted, I preach to my trainees against this, stay clear of these gutless worms, but keep them in sight for one day they'll be in a jam and you will back the badge even though you might want to rip it off and cut their throat with it at times. There's one thing you can count on from me..........the day that I don't extend a helping hand to another officer, is the day they pat me in the face with a shovel, my job will be done!