Gear: Knives


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    Gerber Emerson Alliance by Gerber in Duty & Tactical Gear
    Posted corylovesandrea on Thu, 11 Mar 2010 20:36:46 UTC
    Last Review: "Durable and dependable to handle almost any situation. A bit big for some jobs, but functions well in many situations. The only flaw is the safety ..."
  • Sogst03_max84w
    SOG Tac Auto, Black TiNi Coated, Combo Edge by SOG Knives in Duty & Tactical Gear
    Posted tim2082 on Tue, 16 Mar 2010 14:40:24 UTC
    Last Review: "Awesome knife!!! Never been a big fan of SOG when it comes to folding knives but they've raised the bar with this knife. When it comes to automatic..."
  • 8b05_3_max84w
    Smith & Wesson Tactical Folding Knife by Smith & Wesson in Duty & Tactical Gear
    Posted TO_Matt85 on Fri, 26 Mar 2010 12:22:49 UTC
    Last Review: "Light and easy, strong and reliable. Goes into pockets easily. The blade can be deployed with a quick flick of the wrist and the finger guard means..."
  • Swmp1b_max84w
    Smith & Wesson M&P knife by Smith & Wesson in Duty & Tactical Gear
    Posted Coppertop87 on Wed, 07 Apr 2010 09:27:53 UTC
    Last Review: "very duable and thin. never lets me down."
  • Aasc60bs_max84w
    Schrade Knives by Schrade in Duty & Tactical Gear
    Posted USLawman1983 on Mon, 12 Apr 2010 04:45:10 UTC
    Last Review: "I carried another major brand that I thought was the best knife out there until I came across and purchased a Schrade. The construction is tons mo..."