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survival vest

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digest_logo_label.gif (4437 bytes) FREE TIPS, TRICKS & IDEAS HOW TO MAKE A "US Army Ranger - Rick" SURVIVAL VEST In almost every outdoor survival handbook there's a chapter on what you should pack and carry in a survival kit. But what most of these survival handbooks fail to explain is the difference between the basic "must have" necessities and the "nice-to-have" items that can make your survival situation less life threatening, more comfortable, and yes…even enjoyable too. And whether you're in the military or not, a hunter, camper, hiker, survivalist, or some other type of outdoor enthusiast, or you frequently travel to remote and off the road places, you need to carry a survival kit. And as Joseph A. Laydon Jr. of Intensive Research Information Services and Products (IRISAP) points out in his books; A survival kit MUST BE constructed to satisfy the eight elements of survival, which are Fire, Water, Shelter, First Aid, Signal, Food, Weapons, and Navigation. And if a survival kit does not contain the proper items to satisfy ALL (and not part) of these eight elements of survival, then it's NOT a true survival kit. Well, after personally reviewing about a dozen or more survival handbooks, these are the basic "must have" necessities they all recommend you should carry in a survival kit. ITEMS QUANTITY WHAT IT'S USED FOR Candle 1 Starts fires and as a light source Compass 1 Determine directions Flashlight 1 Light source and for signaling Wire Saw 1 Cutting wood for fires and shelters Safety Pins 3 Securing Clothing & used as fishing hooks Pocket Knife 1 Perparing game and field craft needs Signal Mirror 1 Signaling rescue parties Wire (10 yards) 1 Making animal traps and snares Fishing Line & Assorted Hooks 6 Catching fish and birds too Fire Starter (Matches/lighters) 1 Starting fires And these are the "nice-to-have" items they all recommend you should carry in a survival kit: ITEMS QUANTITY WHAT IT'S USED FOR Whistle 1 Signal Rescue Party Sewing Kit 1 Repair clothing First Aid Kit 1 Treating cuts and wounds Zip-Lock Plastic Bags 2 Gathering Water Nylon String 50 (yards) Building shelters & other field craft needs Large Plastic Trash Bags 2 Making solar stills Water Purification Tablets 1 Bottle Purifying water for drinking What should you carry these items in? Well if you're in the military you should carry them in an extra ammo pouch on your belt or inside your butt pack or rucksack. And if you're not in the military, then you'll probably want to carry them in a small nylon or canvas pouch or rucksack. Unless ya wanna carry'em the same way military aviators carry theirs, in a Survival Vest. Now there are several types of vests on the market, from military flight and assault vests to safari and traveler vests. But what I don't like about these vests is the price - they're too damn expensive. Except one type, a fisherman's vest. Which I much prefer because they're less expensive, lighter in

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