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Jelly Bryce: Legendary Lawman

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On November 12, 1945, Life Magazine ran an unusual story. It was a photographic study of an FBI agent named Jelly Bryce drawing and firing his .357 Magnum in two-fifths of a second, faster than the human eye can follow. In the pictures Bryce dropped a silver dollar from shoulder height with his right hand then drew with the same hand and shot the coin before it reached his waist. What the article did not say was that Bryce could not only draw fast in front of a camera, but also in front of people who were trying to kill him. In fact, at that time, Bryce had already killed over 10 men in face-to-face shootouts as a city policeman and FBI Agent. In his era Bryce was undoubtedly the FBI's deadliest gun and may have been the best they ever had. (KB Chaffin 1945)

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    bighead, Fri, 21 Sep 2007 06:58:30 UTC.
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    One of the most accomplished and deadliest pistoleers of the gangster era, Jelly Bryce is probably one of the least well-known. Born in Mountain View, Oklahoma, Bryce's law enforcement career began when he stumbled upon a police pistol match in Shawnee, OK. His skill resulted in his prompt recruitment into the Oklahoma City Police (and the trophy for his new found department). Bryce was later recruited to the FBI, where he retired as a SAC.

    Bryce was reportedly involved in 19 shootings during his career, and someone once quipped "Aren't you interested in bringing them back alive?" Bryce responded "I'm more interested in bringing me back alive."

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    okay product.

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