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HK P30

Heckler & Koch
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Let me start off by saying I'm not an H&K guy. In fact for the longest time I out right hated them and would have been offended had anyone recommended on to me for duty carry. I first learned how to shoot in the Marine Corps with the M9 (which I is a dang fine pistol when you get one not abused by the military) and then moved on to the 1911 and Sig Sauer 220. In fact I still think if you have $2300 to buy a SOCOM you're getting one of the best pistols ever made, the rest of H&K's products are crap and have some of the worst factory triggers ever unless you are willing to spend mucho dinero getting them worked on and for H&K prices I damn well better get something shootable straight out of the box. That having been said, I have a close friend in the border patrol who introduced me to the H&K P2000. I liked it, found a good deal on a used one in 9mm and fell in love. Since I no longer have any faith in, or good will towards Sig Sauer thanks to their customer service foibles and poor quality control over the last decade or so, the P2000 has been on my side ever since. I had been researching the P30 since it hit the market and I've heard its taking Europe by storm (significantly diminishing Sig's LE market share across the pond). I finally got the cash to buy one and I was not dissapointed. Hands down this is the most comfortable pistol I have ever owned in my life. The grip is textured perfectly, it doesn't hurt your hand (or side when carried concealed against skin), but I have no fear of dropping it if it gets covered in a liquid. H&K allow you to switch out the backstrap AND the side pannels. This can be done asymetrically (I.E. medium back strap, small grip pannels) to ensure the perfect fit. It fits naturally in my hand and points incredibly well. I wish I could post pictures of my qualification targets with this gun to prove how well it shoots. I've shot a perfect score with this gun all but once when I was scored using the military system and at 25 yards dropped three rounds into the 9 ring. It preforms equally well on speed drills and I have clocked my fastest and most accurate strings of fire using this gun and my duty rig at local USPSA competions. It is a great gun for on and off duty. Its roughly the same size as a Glock 19 and holds 15 rounds in 9mm (13 in .40S&W). It rides comfortably all day in a duty holster (and we work 48 hour shifts at my department) and just as comfortable off duty in a nice leather holster. It also has a rail system to attach all the latest gadgets too. It been around now long enough

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  • Swat_max30
    zjmazey, Mon, 30 Dec 2013 00:54:25 UTC.
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    This is the most comfortable and one of the most accurate pistols I have ever owned. Its well made and reliable. It a gun you can trust your life to.

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