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Galco Matrix Holster

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It is a durable thermoplastic holster that is lightweight, comfortable, and nearly maintenance free. The M7X is also fast, very concealable, and easy on the budget. Setting it apart from other thermoplastic belt holsters, the patent-pending snap-on belt loops of the M7X – similar to those found on our deluxe Side Snap Scabbard – make it fast and easy to attach and remove from the belt. The M7X is a strong side belt holster that uses a butt-forward cant to enhance concealability. The open top makes the draw quick and easy, while the lateral tension when worn does an amazing job of retaining the pistol securely. Unlike so many other harsh, mechanical-looking plastic holsters, the Matrix resembles a hand-molded Galco leather holster. The M7X features easy on/off belt loops that fit belts up to 1 1/2". Made for semiautomatic pistols, the M7X is available in right or left hand designs in black finish

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    celica860, Wed, 04 Sep 2013 00:41:55 UTC.
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    Great holser, would survive a nuclear blast! The only thing I don't really like about it (which is also a positive) is the retention. It takes a good pulliin' to get it out, but like I said, that is also a positive. If someone decides to come up behind me or whatever and tries to take it, good luck doing it without me knowing! It has a great "snap" sound when you put your gun in. Over all, I would recommend it, it is very concealable.

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