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Inspection Plate Pro

Present Arms, Inc. - White Mountain Tactical
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White Mountain Tactical's Inspection Plate Pro - Ergonomic hands free work station with Present Arm's proprietary swivel universal magazine mount system and extended parts tray. It s a must have for any law enforcement officer who takes maintaining his side arm seriously. The InspectionPlate Pro system specs include: - These platforms have proprietary receivers and mounts to accommodate your firearm. - Hands free access and usage. - Multiple adapters that include fixed and 360 degree rotation for ergonomic and unrestricted access to your firearm. - Stable platform ensuring a secure hold on your firearm while performing hands free inspection, maintenance, and repairs. - Makes disassemble and maintenance user friendly. -Keep all of your dissembled parts under visual and physical control - Set includes magazine mount, swivel and plate. In a simple yet ergonomically designed platform, the Inspection Plate Pro enables you to easily and safely maintain, service and smith your semi auto firearm. Made from a tough polymer, it offers the user a stable platform with machined wells to hold all your pins, springs, etc. Made in the USA by craftsmen in New England. I high recommend this workstation for those who take maintenance seriously. Remember, a poorly maintained firearm is a malfunctioning firearm. ALWAYS maintain and clean your weapon. Your life may depend on it. The Inspection Plate Pro is available through White Mountain Tactical ( THIS PRODUCT IS AVAILABLE FOR: M1911 Beretta M-92 S&W 5600 S&W M&P 40 S&W M&P 45 S&W M&P 9MM SIG P226 Glock 9MM - 17,19, 26, 34 Glock 40 - 22,23,24,27,35 Glock 45 - 21,30,36,37,38,39

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    Its made in the USA, by craftsman in New England, its fills a solid need and makes maintenance of your firearm simple and easy. A great tool and must have for firearm maintenance.

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