Gear: American Body Armor® Xtreme® Series BR01 Type IIA


American Body Armor® Xtreme® Series BR01 Type IIA

Safariland ABA Xtreme Series
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American Body Armor® Xtreme® Series Lightweight Concealable Body Armor More Xtreme® than ever. Safariland’s American Body Armor brand offers a wide range of lightweight, performance armor models. The Xtreme Series provides ballistic protection against the most common duty rounds as tested against the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Standard-0101.06. This robust standard, combined with state-of-the-art materials such as Honeywell’s Spectra Shield® II, and patented technologies like Geometrics™ and Resistance Framing™, makes for the industry’s most dependable, high performance body armor. Rated at three protection levels – types IIA, II and IIIA, each increasingly provides a lighter, more flexible vest with equal or greater performance than competing armor models. Key Features: Performance and flexibility offered throughout the spectrum of ballistic armor vests Optimum comfort and fit due to balanced flexibility and high performance armor designs. Multi-hit capabilities with new advanced stitching and Geometrics technology Enhanced ballistic protection under the new NIJ Standard-0101.06 and patented ballistic designs Improved stopping power and backface signature with advanced hybrid designs Xtreme BR01 Type IIA Balanced Performance and Value The Xtreme BR01 Type (Level) IIA, formerly XT-300, is a hybrid design utilizing field-proven Gold Shield® and structural technologies, for optimum performance. It’s an affordable armor design that provides protection against a variety of threats. V50 (9mm) V50 (.40 S&W) Thickness Areal Density NIJ Model # Test Vest Weight 1494 fps 1528 fps 0.186 in. (4.7mm) 0.66 lbs/ft² (3.222 kg/m²) BA-2A00S-BR01 3.94 lbs (1.78 kg) NIJ Test Rounds 9mm (lighter threat), .40 S&W (heavier threat) NIJ Testing & Compliance NIJ Standard-0101.06 Warranty All American Body Armor ballistics are warranted for 5 years. View full warranty details. Armor Construction Hybrid construction; structural design utilizing Perimeter stitching Panel Covering 70 denier nylon with urethane backing and heat-sealed edges Armor Materials Twaron® Microlaminate, Gold Shield® Panel Suspension Grip-Lok™ Suspension System

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  • Me_n_hannah_max30
    warose, Sun, 06 May 2012 14:14:44 UTC.
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    I was just issued this vest at my department. This is the second vest I have had and this is much more lightweight and comfortable than the first vest I had. This is tailored to my body and is not as bulky so i can still wear the seat belt in my cruiser unlike my previous vest. This vest also does not make me sweat near as much as my old vest.

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