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Kawasaki KZ1000

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The KZ 1000 was the last Motorcucle I rode and I loved it. The motor was very quick and very fast and manuverable. You could ride all day and not get overly tired as the seat and position of the rider was such as to be very comfortable without placing strain on any paticuliar part of the body. The windshield provided great protection as well as the fairing from foriegn objects striking you. You could however see just over the windshied providing you with the best view you can ask for. Storage and balance were great.The only objection I had was the lack of emergency lights. Understand this was 1980-85 an the only lights we had were the two front flashing lights and a small teardrop rotating light. ALL motors should come equiped with flashing LED's on the front, sides and rear like many now already do.

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  • 1979_max30
    Robocop33, Mon, 12 Mar 2012 00:20:09 UTC.
    1st review

    Fast and quick acceleration means you can be on a suspect quickly. Very responsive and easy to handle and comfortable for the rider.

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  • Linda_space_max30
    msbeahavens, Mon, 25 Jun 2012 19:45:48 UTC.

    I rode a Harley, and it is not as agile and safe as a Kawasaki.

    I would like to see a bike that is a street legal motocross bike available to LEO's. That would be better for off-road chases.

    I know the Harley was chosen due to it being American made.
    I would like to ride a BMW 600, but that is not listed as a choice.

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