Gear: 9 mm x 19 QD-PEP ammo


9 mm x 19 QD-PEP ammo

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QD-PEP = Quick Defense Polizei-Einsatz-Patrone This ammo is standard issued for Belgian Police Force (Federal Police and Local Police). The top of the bullet stands out because of it's blue point. It's a 9 mm x 19 bullet Great stopping power (30 cm in ballistic gel) Reduced risk background convincing breakthrough performance in steel and glass with small deflection absolutely free of heavy metals User Police Classification Purpose Soft targets Certification TR 2001 / 2009 ceritfied Standards Fullfills TR Environment Low pollutant, bleifrei Technical data Caliber 9 mm x 19 Weight 10,3 g Bullet type Deformationsgeschoss Bullet material Tombak Bullet weight (g) 5,9 g Case Brass Powder charge (g) ca. 0,5 g Primer Boxer, low pollutant Temperature -30 °C at 52 °C Ballistic data Gas pressure ≤ 270 Mpa (TR) Velocity 420 m/s at 3 m Bullet energy ca. 520 J at 3 m Precision Sa < 25 mm at 25 m

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