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Magnum boots

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    HijoDeDiosMRM, Sun, 12 Jun 2011 18:01:53 UTC.
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    On 11 May 2011,one of the local law enforcement supply stores had a party to promote the new line of 5.11 products.They had several raffles and prizes to be given away.One of my co-workers went with me and I was really surprised when they called to inform me that I won a new pair of Magnum tactical boots.I selected a pair and put them away for future use when my current tactical boots wear out.
    Last week I wore those new boots to a funeral of one of our fallen officers.In the church where they held the ceremony,there were no seats left, so I was standing for about three hours.When we met at the gravesite for the burial, I was standing for almost an additional hour in 95 degree weather.Other officers told me that since they are new boots, it may take awhile to break them in so that my feet would be comfortable.To my surprise, my feet were not uncomfortable at all.I am almost looking forward to my current tactical boots wearing out so that I can start wearing the Magnum boots everyday.

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