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Land-Warfare Resource Corp. International
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The LWRCI M6A3 short-stroke piston rifle with an adjustable gas-system for suppressor-use is a reliable, clean shooting, well balanced rifle. The quality is First Class through-and-through, from the bolt-carrier finish to the NiCorr-finished Cold-Hammer Forged barrel. Accuracy is outstanding and longevity under heavy-use substantially increased for parts and service-life through the piston-operation and CHF barrels (+20,000 rounds) over traditional Direct-Impingement AR "Legacy" rifles.

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    Ghostrider_911, Sat, 12 Feb 2011 08:50:22 UTC.
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    Features on my M6A3 include a 14.7-inch barrel with a P/A SureFire flash-suppressor, a Noveske rear sling-plate and accessories are a SureFire 9-volt light (Scoutlight pending), SureFire rail-ladders, TangoDown VFG, Aimpoint T1 on a Larue mount, VTAC sling, Magpul P-mags and CTR stock.

    IMHO, this is the finest American-made AR-rifle on the market, period, and I certainly hope to purchase and add a sound-suppressor to utilize all of the functions of the M6A3's adjustable gas-system at some point.

    I couldn't recommend the LWRCI M6-series of rifles more highly. LWRCI provides more options for short-stroked piston rifles than any other manufacturer in the industry to-date (in various barrel-length options) . Money well invested in a tool that you may one day - if not every day - have to stake your life on, whether you are a Patrol Officer, on a Regional Task Force or SWAT Team - make sure you get one in your hands (and to the range if possible) and you can decide for yourself. You won't be disappointed.

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