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Adrenaline GTS11

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The Adrenaline GTS 11 brings together the shoe's revered fit and feel -- enhanced with a dynamic arch saddle and better conforming materials -- and the custom cushioning and dynamic responsiveness of industry-leading Brooks DNA technology. Runner’s World awarded the Adrenaline GTS 11 "Best Update" in their Winter 2010 Shoe Guide in their December 2010 issue, on newsstands November 9.

Member Reviews

  • Badger_max30
    ssgking2001, Thu, 20 Jan 2011 15:52:39 UTC.
    1st review

    These shoes rock! On average, I run about 25 miles a week, and have historically had a lot of feet problems--plantar fasciitis and mainly stress fractures. I'm a little bigger than the typical runner (6'1" - 205), so maybe the foot issues should be a cue for me to find a different activity, but I just love running too much to give it up. Ever since I switched to this shoe, though, I have not had any foot issues. The Nike Triax is a very competent equivalent to the Brooks GTS, but what tipped the scales for me to go with the Brooks was the company's "green" credentials. I'm not a lefty, tree-hugger type, but we on the "right" should also do what we can to be good stewards of this majestic world God's entrusted to us.

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