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wiley-x airrage sunglasses

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Compact design that seals the eye orbits from wind, debris, and precipitation. This multi-functional sunglass might be the most comfortable sunglass you'll ever wear. Includes the following, Removable Facial Cavity Seal, Soft Case, T-Peg Elastic Strap, Leash Cord, Cleaning Cloth.

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    GunstarHero, Fri, 09 Apr 2010 08:01:26 UTC.
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    The Airrage design by Wiley X are by far my favorite protective sunglasses to use, especially while wearing contacts. They have a comfortable frame to wear for prolonged periods of time with or without the cushioned insert. The insert doesn't even add any noticeable bulk to the frame. You can barely tell its there. Also it serves its purpose by keeping out airborne eye irritants. I have used these while deployed to Iraq and on ranges and they keep the sun out of my eyes and even during sandstorms keeps the sand out. I've never had them fog up on me during any weather condition. These sunglasses pay for themselves, perfect while on or off duty and they look great.

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