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Rhino Armor IIIa inserts

Rhino Armor
Category: Officer Safety Products
Subcategory: Body Armor
Price: $29.95 to $119.95
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Level IIIa ballistic/trauma inserts in 5x8" 6x8" 8x10" and 10'x12" and other sizes. Unlike the "trauma" inserts that came with your vest, these will stop a .44 magnum by themselves, and give 40% blunt trauma reduction when in your vest. Also great for SAPI plate carriers to place behind the plate to give it's full protection rating. Nearly all SAPI plates require soft armor behind them to get the rated protection.

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    tacmed57, Wed, 24 Mar 2010 01:31:16 UTC.
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    I took a 10x12" and shot it with 5 rounds of .44 magnum 240gr 1400fps and every round was stopped completely in the insert. All of my tac gear is from Rhino Armor. I wouldn't bet my life on anything else. Bought on ebay from Publicsafetysupply1.

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