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Police Officer Exam: The South

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Taking a Police Officer Exam in the South? Give yourself the Exclusive LearningExpress Advantage Competition for top jobs in law enforcement today is tough. You need all the advantages you can get. That's why LearningExpress has created this easy-to-use guide Exclusively to prepare you for taking the test and winning a police officer job in your city or state in the South. Only LearningExpress Shows You How To Prepare For Success On The Police Officer Exam In Your City Or State including: -- Two practice exams based on official police officer tests given in the South -- Hundreds of sample questions with full answer explanations You also get advice on improving your skills in such critical areas as reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary & spelling, judgment, map-reading, and more. How To Get Hired, Step-By-Step -- Hiring procedures and exam details for 8 states and 28 major cities in the South -- How and where to apply, with sample application forms -- Full listing of criminal justice degree programs in the South