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Safariland Chain Handcuffs

Category: Officer Safety Products
Subcategory: Restraints
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Double Locking Handcuff Model 8112-1-31 Standard Chain Style Handcuff Nickel Top quality, heavy duty, steel construction 18 tooth, 3-retaining-bar system for uncompromising security Positive swing-through action Built-in backloading for fast cuffing Reinforced steel swivels for added strength and durability Available in Nickel or Black Replaces Hiatts model 2010

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  • Hh1010_max30
    Chad4196, Thu, 14 Jan 2010 22:26:35 UTC.
    1st review

    As of right how, this is a hard product to review. I have three sets and two of them work great, the other…not so much. Even when you run the arm in about 10 clicks and double lock you can still pull the single arm out backwards, just like you were using a key. Obviously this is a very big concern. NIJ standards prevent the cuffs from doing this with any less force than 500 lbs. I guess mine did it at about 100. I called Safariland and told them about the issue. They said they have heard about this issue a few times now but cannot find a problem when the cuffs get sent it to be inspected. In turn I made a video and sent it in along with the cuffs. At this point I just assume I got a bad set of cuffs so will review this product based upon my other two sets.

    Overall I think this is a GREAT set of cuffs. They’re basically the Hiatts model 2010 (the best selling cuff in the world) with the Safariland stamp. They’re very lightweight and hold up against a lot of weight/force. (I personally test every cuff I own, and these hold up as well as S&W or Peerless). The backloading feature is awesome, and very practical. The cuffs are smooth right out of the box and need no “breaking in.” The 3 ratchet system is great as it makes picking much more difficult. Although, in my personal opinion I think two thicker ratchets (such as the Hiatt-Thompson 1010s) would be better. With two, you would accomplish the anti-picking just as much as with 3, but two thicker ratchets would prove stronger than 3 thin ones. The true-swing technology actually works with these cuffs, which is more than other brands can say *coughpeerlesscough*. The finish on these cuffs is very nice, and holds up well against wear and tear. I like the fact the Safariland stamp in on the double cheek plate allowing for engraving near the keyhole.

    They fit in standard cuff cases even though Safariland makes a case “specifically” designed for them.

    Overall I rate these at a 5, assuming my bad set is simply that, a bad set.

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