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Comp-Tac Paddle Holster

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Recently I purchase two Comp-Tac paddle holsters. One was purchased for my duty Glock 23, 40 cal and the other was purchased for my off-duty Springfield sub-compact 40 cal. I am currently assigned to the Criminal Investigative Section of my police department and wear the holster for my duty Glock 23 on a daily basis. I am also the firearms instructor. Today while exiting my vehicle my gun snapped off at the paddle and flew across the parking lot. It appears that the ridge of the paddle "fatigued" and snapped off. I contacted Comp-Tac about this and they told me that, I should have been using a belt holster, (why they think they know what I should or should not be wearing as a holster is beyond me). They also advised me that they have had issued with fatigue of the paddle with repetitive sitting, which of course we don't ever do, which causes fatigue. With that being said I asked what their replacement policy is. They said I would have to buy a new one, because their 1 year warranty is up. This just floored me. They know that there is a design flaw and they are not doing anything about it unless it’s within the 1 year warranty. My recommendation is DO NOT BUY THIS HOLSTER. IT IS AN OBVOIUS OFFICER SAFTY ISSUE. PLEASE PASS THE WORD.

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