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Category: Officer Safety Products
Subcategory: Personal Defense Weapons
Price: 50$ ish
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One handed use sturdy design my new back -up knife

Member Reviews

  • Image_max30
    IDEALIST, Fri, 20 Jul 2007 10:40:55 UTC.
    1st review

    Awesome, compact, one handed use

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  • Photo_user_blank_big
    TWSUCPD, Mon, 01 Oct 2007 03:53:30 UTC.

    I liked the one I bought so much I bought a second one. You can pick it up on ebay for half the price. Great knife.

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  • Photo_user_banned_big
    SAMSONEAGLE, Mon, 15 Oct 2007 19:05:21 UTC.


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  • 91101_remeberance_max50_1__max30
    FireDog22, Wed, 14 Nov 2007 05:59:33 UTC.

    Great product, love it, and I even have it engrave with the Multi Cross.

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  • Marie2008_max30
    masiemens, Mon, 10 Dec 2007 05:39:20 UTC.

    compact, easy to use and durible

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  • Woods_max30
    Uncon214, Wed, 12 Aug 2009 15:54:01 UTC.

    If you carry a badge, then you carry a gun.

    If you carry a badge, (thereby a gun) then you should carry a knife.

    Guns are NOT the do all end all of combat.

    Most good guys are killed at 0-6 feet anyway (Read the FBI Uniform Crime Report)... At that range the knife is king fish. Unlike a firearm (linear weapon, only dangerous at the center of the boreline) a knife is a directional weapon... No matter where it goes, it will still draw blood.

    Carry these equalizers my friends.

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  • Total_force_logo_max30
    TotalForceTraining, Wed, 06 Jun 2012 22:25:17 UTC.

    These should be a no-brainer... This should be everyone's everyday tool.

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