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Z Duty Work Boot

Z Coil
Category: Apparel
Subcategory: Footwear
Price: $300.00
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Just bought a pair today and they feel great! I'm off the next two nights but will update this post after I have worn them for a couple of nights at work to let everyone know how they feel. They are a little bit lighter than the Danners I've been wearing for the past year and a half. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Well, I've worn the boots for a week now and they feel great at work. I have not had one of those scenes yet where I had to stand for several hours but everyday patrol is working out fine and my back and legs feel great. My co-workers like to make fun of me because of the big heel but it's worth the feel in my legs and back. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Been wearing these boots for almost 8 months now and they are great! All my co-workers make fun of the way they look but a little ribbing is better than the pain from standing in a crime scene for hours and having your back and legs killing you. These boots are just about all I wear now on and off duty.

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  • Heiman__20frederick_max30
    fheiman, Wed, 12 Aug 2009 06:24:35 UTC.
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    They felt so good in the store I wore them for about 30 minutes while they personaly adjusted them for my feet. They even had me run in them. Anyway after wearing them for 30 minutes I put my old $100.00 T-shoes back on to leave the store and the T-shoes started hurting my feet. I will update this post after wearing them for a couple of nights at work.

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