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Blowing My Cover: My Life as a CIA Spy

Lindsay Moran
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Harvard grad Lindsay Moran takes the reader through the interview process, training, and her first assignment as a CIA case officer.

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    Anonymous, Sat, 18 Jul 2009 01:50:07 UTC.
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    This is a similar book to many from law enforcement officers that take the reader through the interview process, academy training, and job out in the "world". However, with one large distinction, Moran is a former CIA case officer who spent five years on the job. This is and unvarnished look at working for the CIA that gained rare approval from the pre-publication unit at the Agency despite portraying the agency in an often funny and embarrassing way. The training Moran went through is not the training her predecessors went through, but a kind of a dumbed down, campish spectacle only workers compensation attorneys could dream-up. Something along the lines of "Private Benjamin". The title is curious given that the Agency is a stickler for nomenclature "Case Officer" and not "Spy" as technically, the agency does not have spies but case officers who manage spies, or so were told. I liked the book and think that with 50% of the CIA held publicly as being women, it is a neat little Summer reading piece for insight into one our most misunderstood bureaucracies.

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