Gear: Springfield Arms XD-40 Sub Compact


Springfield Arms XD-40 Sub Compact

Springfield Armory,
Category: Firearms, Tasers & Accessories
Subcategory: Handguns
Price: $425 - $525
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.40 Caliber sub-compact DAO semi auto pistol with a 3 inch barrel, 6.26 inches overall length, 24 ounce weight and either a 9 round flush fit magazine or an extended 12 round magazine. Matte black finish, 3 dot fixed combat sights and a short front accessory rail under the slide.

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    Collegecop_WA, Sat, 11 Jul 2009 21:03:04 UTC.
    1st review

    This is a great sub-compact for several reasons. First off, the gun is very well made by the folks at SA. The gun has several features that make it a nice off duty sidearm, namely the loaded chamber and cocked hammer indicators and the dual grip and trigger safeties. The gun is about 6 inches in total length, and with the 9 round magazine inserted, it has a grip profile of a little over 4 inches from the top of the slide to the bottom of the magazine. The overall small size of the weapon allows you can carry this just about any place you feel like with very little problem or printing. The 12 round magazine only adds about an inch to the profile which considering the extra three rounds of ammo is not a bad trade off.

    It has a solid feel in the hand and lends itself to point shooting very easily. Both my daughter and I felt very comfortable while shooting this pistol, despite the 3 inch barrel length. Recoil was very manageable without being excessive and follow on shots can be done quite rapidly with great accuracy. All rounds shot in the 9 to 20 foot range were accurate as hell, including headshots. The magazine release button extends out both sides of the trigger housing and is easy to depress with a strong spring to prevent accidental releases. You could even mount a small flashlight or laser sight if you wanted to, as it sports a one inch accessory rail on the end of the slide frame.

    The only two minor complaints I have about this gun are: when doing a great deal of rapid shooting, the trigger starts to heat up. It is noticeable enough to perhaps warrant using a shooting glove of some sort for extended drills. Secondly, the first slide spring guide rod that the gun came with developed a bad bend in the face plate where the plate mates to the groove under the barrel. I sent this back to Springfield Arms and they replaced it with a brand new one no questions asked and at no cost whatsoever. The second rod is holding up great so far.

    I have been carrying this as my backup gun on campus and as my “shorts and t-shirt” gun while off duty. I have no problem concealing this in an inside the pants holster or even in a 5.11 Holster T-shirt. It even fits nicely into a sporran for those of you who might enjoy sporting a kilt from time to time (as I do) and is a great “church gun” for those of you who prefer to carry on Sundays.

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