Gear: Surefire 8NX Commander


Surefire 8NX Commander

Category: Duty & Tactical Gear
Subcategory: Flashlights
Price: $151.00
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SPECIFICATIONS: Max Output: 110 lumens Runtime: 50 minutes Length: 7.30 inches Weight: 8.00 ounces Battery: One B90 Ni-Cad FEATURES: Rugged, lightweight, corrosion-proof Nitrolon® polymer body, available in black, olive drab, or yellow O-ring sealed, weatherproof Tempered Pyrex® window Switching—press tailcap button for momentary-on; twist head ring for constant-on

Member Reviews

  • H2510_max30
    hobertj, Wed, 11 Jul 2007 02:54:20 UTC.
    1st review

    I couldn't speak highly enough of this flashlight if I wanted to. The price is a bit steep if you opt for the charger, but is definately worth it in the long run. I've had my surefire for almost 5 years now without discrepancy. The flashlight will withstand a beating and can be carried in a small flashlight ring. The only fault I've had yet was a crack in the lens from being thrown across a room; still, there was no noticeable affect on light performance. As for the batteries...another 5 stars. I purchased a second battery "just in case", but rarely have to switch during a shift. Charging takes roughly about an hour. Can't beat the home and car chargers; I've saved hundreds on recharges alone and not having to spend on disposable lithiums. Again, I couldn't recommend this flashlight enough!

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  • 9-11-01_max30
    bfelton, Tue, 21 Aug 2007 14:03:49 UTC.

    Have had mine for years. Not one problem. The only down side is, you have to take the battery out to charge.

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  • New_03-04-07_max30
    SgtMongo, Tue, 23 Oct 2007 19:41:59 UTC.

    I've been a fan of surefire products for years. This one is a must for any officer that works at night. It's small enough to carry on your belt and provides a fantasic amount of light. It is a great tool.

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  • Photo_user_blank_big
    jefekiyo, Wed, 09 Jul 2008 21:37:43 UTC.

    A great smaller rechargeable light with decent lumens. Always charged fine and was very light. But, I moved to the 9AN which offers a lot more light than streamlites and the 8X , and is just a tiny bit larger. the bulbs last forever. Tactically, I would say to go with 9AN if you believe in your own safety and the others around you by having blinding light in your hand. Or go with the 10X for jobs that you really need the light to potentially blind someone for a few seconds and to light everything in a 80' diameter at 150 feet or so.

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  • Yosemite_sam_with_guns_ready_max30
    Gunsmoke16, Wed, 09 Jul 2008 23:36:30 UTC.

    I have the 8AX (aluminum model). Tougher than nails. Wore out the 1st two batteries. Replaced with aftermarkets (you get much longer run time). One of the first two was in the charger in the car and slid out of the seat, hitting the floorboard, burst into flames. Jerked out of cig plug & put out. Charger ok, battery junk. Should have called Surefire. Great light...don't know about those batteries though. Several posting on web, people saying short battery life. So true. Will blind a bad guy though...any yourself if you hit anything white close to you.

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  • E_2011_max30
    OFCR3627, Fri, 20 Mar 2009 17:26:55 UTC.

    This was my Original Duty LIght when I came to Work for IDOC After that I gave it to a friend and then purchased another 1 for a Brother Officer. GREAT LIGHT & Great Company

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  • 362_max30
    Berne_4, Thu, 06 Aug 2009 07:46:57 UTC.

    Battery doesn't last long, however light is good.

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