Gear: M2 Browning Machine Gun, HB .50 cal


M2 Browning Machine Gun, HB .50 cal

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Price: Government Issued (approx $15000)
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This weapon was originally designed in 1918 byJohn Browning, first tested in 1921. 1923 saw the heavy barrel change, and it has been fully in service since 1933. The weapon was orignally water cooled (airplane), but the heavy barrel along with a perforated jacket was introduced for field use (to better withstand the heat). Two modifications are switching the handles from wood to composite material, and placing a protective hood over the front sight. Other than that, this weapon has remained virtually unchanged. The "Ma Deuce" has different variations to its firing stats depending on what ammunition is used, so I will go off the standard M2 ball round. It is a belt fed, air cooled, recoil operated, crew served machine gun, capable of firing in auto or single shot. It fires from the closed bolt position and can be fed from the left or right side, but generally we use the left. Total weight without ammo is 128 pounds (receiver: 60 lbs., barrel: 24 lbs., tripod: 44 lbs). The ammo is about another 35 lbs for one 100 round can. The length of the machine gun is 65 inches, while the barrel itself is 45 inches. The M2 ball round has a muzzle velocity of 3050 ft per second or 2079.55 mph (compare this to the standard speed of sound...767.05 mph). When using the SLAP (sabot light armor penetrator) round, the muzzle velocity is in excess of 4000 ft/sec! The maximum effective range is appox. 1830 meters, while the maximum range is 6800 meters (7400 yds). The sustained rate of fire: -40 rds/min (6-9 round burst, resting approx. 5 secs between); rapid rate: +40 rds/min (10-12 round burst, resting approx 2-3 secs between); cyclic rate: 450 - 550 rds per min. The elevation, depression, and traversing are handled by the T & E. The traversing can range 400 mils left and 400 mils right (an additional 25 mils left and 25 mils right can be used from the traversing handwheel, but never exceed 800 mils for your sector), 100 mils elevation and 250 mils depression. The rear sight is a leaf type, and has a range of 100 - 2600 yds on the front, 0-62 mils on the left side, and a windage knob that allows for 5 mils left or right of center. The night vision used is the AN/PVS 20 or the AN/ TVS 5. There will soon be a replacement for the M2...the M2E2 (enhanced version). This will give us a manual safety (BOOO!!!!), a new configuration for headspace and timing, and a quick barrel change system. The gunner should always be the safety for this weapon...Well, that's just my opinion. Still, this is THE weapon to use. It brings a smile to everyone's face (unless you're on the receiving end...then you have NO face!)

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