Gear: EagleTac P10C2 LED Flashlight


EagleTac P10C2 LED Flashlight

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EagleTac P10C2 LED Flashlight * The EagleTac P10C2 Flashlight is rated at 295 Lumen and uses 2-CR123A batteries. This is one of the brightest flashlights in its class! Updated Model! New features/improvements: Revised head design for enhanced impact resistance! Revised tail cap design for enhanced conductivity Crenulated stainless steel bezel (optional) Syntax II Lens: The P10C2 features Syntax II lens for maximum light transmission and superior shock-proof ability. Syntax II windows allows up to 99% of brightness to pass through. Multiple layers of anti-reflection optical coating are applied on the optical grade lens to ensure ultimate output performance. Harden treatment is also performed on the Syntax II windows to withstand damage against smacking, throwing, free falling, or recoil. ET19 Reflector: The P10C2 features ET19 optical reflector in orange peeled Optical (MOP) finish for maximum throw distance and a pleasing beam pattern. MOPO achieves the maximum throw distance with precisely machined reflective curve optimized for the LED light source. P10C2 throws up to two hundreds yard in dark environment. Up close, the managed secondary side spill brightness lights up the surrounding extremely well for optimal night vision. The highly reflective microscopic bumps featuring on the ET19 reflector smoothes out all artifacts created by the light source (i.e. yellow rings, donut rings). CREE XR-E Cool White Q5 LED: CREE XR-E Cool White Q5 LED is the only production LED currently available to offer a consistent average output of 110 lumens at 350mA constant current in EagleTac lab. CREE XR-E series also has outstanding low thermal resistance and consistent low Vf value for low operating temperature and outstanding power efficiency. The low-profile emitter position and the built-in optical dome work extremely well with EagleTac optical grade reflector to give the best output and a pleasing light beam. C1200 LED Driver: The P10C2 features C1200 digital LED driver that matches two lithium or li-ion batteries output with the LED power requirement. C1200 driver boosts and manages battery output voltage and current consumption constantly to provide super-flat light output. Unlike other LED driver, C1200 provides constant regulation and flicker-free output regardless of the brightness setting. C1200 LED driver is the most advanced, yet rock-stable system available for two lithium and li-ion cells EagleTac application. Type III Anodize: Mil-Spec Harden Type III anodization treatment is applied on the P10C2 aircraft grade aluminum body to guarantee survival under some pretty hostile environment. P10C2 surface coating is on average 200 to 300 times stronger and more durable than the Type II treatment. Dual brightness levels: The P10C2 offers quick-select dual brightness levels. Tighten the flashlight head clockwise for blinding high brightness mode and loosen it counterclockwise for low brightness mode with extended runtime. Selecting desired brightness mode is as convenient as one hand operation. IPX-8 standard: The P10C2 is rated at IPX-8 waterproof standard for all weather conditions. P10C2 is fully dunkable at two feet depth of water for more than ten hours. Battery Runtime: Offering up to 50% more output and fully regulated runtime compared to other

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  • Photo_user_banned_big
    Dom629, Tue, 17 Feb 2009 06:45:14 UTC.
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    This compact flashlight is absolutely amazing. Its incredibly small and lightweight and the brightness is unbelievable. It's something you have to see to believe. It is very affordable for anyone's budget. The light can be used to blind an opponent or illuminate objects for over 100 yards! I highly recommend this flashlight!

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  • Newpatch_sq90_max30
    JIMROC, Fri, 03 Apr 2009 18:20:06 UTC.

    excellent light

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