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Zeal Maestro

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Outside Magazine was so impressed with the Maestro Sunglasses, they gave them their coveted 2006 Gear of the Year Award—and we can see why. These sport sunglasses feature Zeal Optics' ZB-13 Polarized lenses, which have an amber hue. This enhances depth perception, intensifies contrast, and eliminates glare. The molded temples have spring-loaded hinges so the Maestros hug your face, and the nose and ear pads have hydrophilic silicon to prevent slippage. With their wraparound design, the Maestro Sunglasses block nearly all wind and sunlight and provide outstanding peripheral vision, which makes them ideal.

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  • Becca01_max30
    Moabbecca, Fri, 14 Nov 2008 19:16:25 UTC.
    1st review

    Not only is Zeal Optics’ customer service superb, but they glasses come with lifetime warranty and crash replacement (for the habitually clumsy like myself). I love all of their glasses and goggles. The polarized ZB-13 lenses are like none you have ever experienced. This is a small company, but they offer top of the line products! Prices vary, contact or contact Theedge71 on policelink!

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