Gear: ABA Tactical Outer Carrier


ABA Tactical Outer Carrier

American Body Armor
Category: Officer Safety Products
Subcategory: Body Armor
Price: $130 - $200
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The TACTICAL OUTER CARRIER permits wearing an American Body Armor ImpulseTM or XtremeTM X vest over the uniform in "tactical" fashion. Nylon construction with self-fastening adjustable side closure. Comes standard with front ID patch (specify POLICE or SHERIFF), universal radio pouch, large utility pouch, small utility/magazine pouch, Stinger light/baton pocket and web microphone loop. Black. Specify ABA vest panel size when ordering. Specify POLICE or SHERIFF.

Member Reviews

  • Shamrock_club_director_photo_max30
    sgtjmredmond, Wed, 05 Nov 2008 20:49:55 UTC.
    1st review

    This carrier is great for Detective and Plain Clothes Officers. Insert panels from your current vest. Allows for easing carring of walkie, light and extra mags.

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  • Jockstrap_max30
    EASports, Fri, 19 Jun 2009 03:03:58 UTC.

    Wore it for the first time today. Very nice, but it will take a little getting used to. All of the gear on the front makes it want to pull down a bit. I had to stop in at a local uniform shop and get an extra 2 inches of velcro added to the sides b/c the velcro wanted to come undone when straining to get into the car (Impala). Loved the fact that I was able to take it off at lunch and also just undo the side straps when driving a custody to the jail. When I took it off at the end of the day I was noticably dryer than when wearing the vest under the shirt. It's going to be nice.

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