Gear: Ruger KP97DC


Ruger KP97DC

Category: Firearms, Tasers & Accessories
Subcategory: Handguns
Price: $350.00
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.45, DA/SA, stainless &polymer

Member Reviews

  • Fnp40-dasa-black_01_max30
    rdsheffield, Wed, 05 Nov 2008 17:02:07 UTC.
    1st review

    awesome, reliable, accurate; I have smaller hands & still enjoy shooting it.

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  • Riding_044_max30
    AKRumbleBee, Thu, 12 Feb 2009 06:38:00 UTC.

    Loved this gun at first...always shoots well, very accurate. Used it to qualify for my concealed permit. Does have a drawback though. Needs to be very clean and well oiled or the slide will stick.

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