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Small Unit Leadership: A Common Sense Approach

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A no non-sense, practical, to the point field guide for leaders.

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  • Avatar_max30
    Twidget, Tue, 04 Nov 2008 04:47:32 UTC.
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    This book is most definitaly a hands on "how to" leadership book rather than a book on theory. The author, US Army Colonel (Retired) Dandrige Malone, draws from real world experiences in Vietnam to show you exactly how and why a leader must do things a certain way. He includes practical advice for a variety of problems leaders face, such as straightening up an underperforming subordinate to how and when to use group punishment. Col. Malone also stresses the need for clear communication up and down the chain of command and gives ideas on how to improve it.

    I found the book very informative, to say the least. While the book stresses small unit leadership I believe leaders at all levels could benefit from reading it. And don't let the Army theme throw you off, all of the ideas in the book are easily adapted to any branch of the Military and Police work.

    The book is about ten dollars on, but I found it for half that price or less on and Check out Amazon's page on this title for a ton more user reviews.

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  • 307649_534084619944515_620555073_n_max30
    RustyKeeble, Wed, 20 May 2009 19:10:16 UTC.

    Very good book.

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