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CTS Flashbang

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Subcategory: Tactical Equipment
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The Model 7290 provides unrivaled versatility and functionality while maintaining a high degree of safety. The Model 7290 produces an explosive report and a brilliant flash. Energy is released radially and equally through top and base ports at an angle of 15° off the vertical axis. The balanced output ensures that the device does not become a dangerous projectile. It remains intact and is disposable after use. The base contains a standard 3/8-16 UNC thread at its center allowing attachment of numerous accessories. Clamp, Stake and Magnet: For trip wiring, perimeter protection, remote initiation, etc. Eye Bolt: For attaching lanyards to retrieve after use and other tactical applications. Available attachments make this device adaptable to many situations. Accessories can be tailored to suit user-specific requirements. Built and tested to Military Ammunition Standards. Output 175 db @ 5 Feet, 6-8 million candela, 8.5 milliseconds 50% of energy through top 10 ports at 15° from vertical, 50% of energy through 10 base ports at 15° from vertical

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